About Aida

The ability to see and perceive accompanied her from very early age she developed this gift further as she grew older, she did short readings at times to help others here and there.
But having her freedom of work here, South Africa gave her the opportunity to start her work officially and professionally since 2005. Aida have had her weekly radio show on the heart radio 104.9fm for more than 3 years and on Good Hope fm for almost a year. She have been worked with and interviewed by most radio and TV channels in SA and been a columnist for the Marie Claire Magazine and writes regularly for well accredited newspapers on esoteric topics.

The clairvoyance itself, is her innate gift, but for training it and to understand it better she had to develop it further.

It is something to see an event ( clairvoyance) which at times leaves you with just that one vision and nothing further then it’s the training that allows one to dig in deeper. Refining her gift allowed her to connect her information to the link here. Be it a person, date, place of event and so forth... Luckily she was born in an old rich Persian culture where there is a reason and meaning behind every ritual or even custom. As she grew up she learned traditional Persian healings and magic tthrough her parents.

In Iran Aida did various courses on Mind Power, Strengthening ESP and hypnotherapy through the Kabok institute which at the time was quite underground. her fascination with various believes and healing method lead her to follow up her healing to achieve the advance level of spiritual healing qualifications through THASA the Healing Association of Southern Africa, then under the supervision of a great master Carl Juta she achieved the Master Healer Degree in the Usui and Tibetan system of Natural Healing Reiki. Aida's research and studies in esoteric has never been stopped. She  has great knowledge in Astrology and Numerology.

She also has a bacholars degree in metaphysics from the university of metaphysics in California.

As a result of all the studies, researches and hard works with people in private and public around the world, Aida is one of the most well known and well respected esoteric expert in South Africa and the world. 


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