Crystal healing

 Crystal Healing
Crystals are formed in the top layer of the Earth's surface. Crystal is any form stone, which is formed by an inner accurate defined structure meaning a strict order of the smallest components in geometric crystal lattice.  There are six forms of inner structure: Cubic, tetragonal; Hexagonal & Trigonal; Orthorhombic; Monoclinic; Triclinic.

Over 4000 different crystals have been found to this day.Exceptions are Coral, Amber and Pearls that originated in fauna and flora. Obsidian, Moldative and Tektite are Natural glass.

Throughout the history ancient civilizations and traditional practitioners have used the magical properties of crystals and gemstones. The effect of crystals is connected to the consciousness that exists in the crystal.

The information about the use of these stones during the period of Atlantis is not imprical. whoever there is much evidence that crystals have been used through out history. Large use of crystals was made in Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome, where the stones served to cure disease, for defense, burial, affluent ect.

Gemstones are mentioned in Bible and in additional Jewish writings. The breastplate of the high priest is one of the first signs of the use of the power of stones.

I like many Healers use crystal in order to improve my patients health or vitality, to help flow of energy and restoring harmony.  I also use crystals to balance chakras or to remove negative energy out of clients physical, emotional, mental or even astral body.


Hands-on healing

We all use our hands as a tool for giving and receiving. We use our hands to feel to touch and embrace the love. We all remember as a child when we fell down or when we had fever it was our mothers loving hands which would give us a first dose of healing and comfort. Mothers magical touch immediately made us feel better. Hands are the channelling instrument for love specially the unconditional love of the universe and the divine. In hands-on healing the healer opens his/her Crown chakra by connecting to the divine source, then channels this energy into the palms of their hands, and then transfers this loving energy to the person in need of healing. Channelling this energy to the affected area helps removing of the unbalanced energy and promotes the healing process in the body.

In Wikipedia you will see:

"The laying on of hands is a religious ritual that accompanies certain religious practices, which are found throughout the world in varying forms.

In Christian churches, this practice is used as both a symbolic and formal method of invoking the Holy Spirit primarily during baptisms and confirmations, healing services, blessings, and ordination of priests, ministers, elders, deacons, and other church officers, along with a variety of other church sacraments and holy ceremonies"


Colour healing

 Colours are undeniable parts of our lives. We all have opinions on colours. We are all affected by colours and obviously we all have a favourite colour. Colours play a big role in enhancing and affecting our mood. We even describe our day "I had a Blue Monday" or mood “she was red with Anger" ...Peaceful Green ect.
No one is Neutral when it comes to colours. Why? We are affected by colours more than we realize. Colours can be used to alter our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual condition.
Everything we see is created by the reflected light. Low frequency light wave register in our brain as the colour Red. And the high frequency light wave is registered in our brain as Violet. When a light is broken by the prism we will see the spectrum of the colours from Red to Violet. These colours correspond to our chakra system. Healers may use colours as a form of therapy to stimulate deeper levels of consciousness. Each colour has its own unique effect, from stimulating, depressing, constructive, calming, or soothing.


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